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 14x06 The Test

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Le résumé vient du forum sur Maura Tierney. pas de traduction désolée...

In the teaser,Frank is hassling Abby about something, saying he told some office he would sling her over his shoulder in order to get her there. She ignores him and goes into the ambulance bay with Pratt to take incoming Nemo, high on PCP’s. As they go, Pratt says she is to see the med staff as they are bugging him about her charts. Sam, Katey, Larry and Grady bring Nemo through the door.

Moretti tells the group handling Nemo that he has the interns’ first quarter evaluations in their boxes. He explains that every patient is a test of intellect, wit and organizational skills. Sam passes the test when she verbally is able to subdue Nemo until he throws a shard of glass from his abdomen into the ceiling where it knocks off the safety value of the sprinkler system, and water rains down. End of teaser.

In the teaser, Gates complains that Moretti has banished him to triage in the waiting area.

In this scene or later, Neela and Harold join Abby and Pratt as they are treating Crazy Nemo while talking about Moretti. Abby thinks he is smug while Pratt concedes he’s an ass but smart.

Pratt tells Abby he needs her to take the big cases and he’s studying for the board exam the next day. Morris is studying also but took the day off to do so. Pratt asks what Abby hears from Luka… and we don’t know the answer. Later, Morris has returned to the ER, and both Morris and Pratt seem to agree to have help Harold cram for his coming “exam” with his girlfriend.

That is, Harold is taking his girlfriend, a high school senior, to the prom, as the girlfriend is in the Homecoming Court. And since he’s a virgin, he asks Neela to give him … certain instructions about things, certain expectations. He “borrows” a plastic at atomically correct item from GYN. Harold keeps having questions for Neela, even after he helps Grady out with a medical question. Even after Pratt and Morris help with Harold’s questions, Harold still has questions for Neela.

Moretti’s son, Daniel arrives, asking for his father and then leaves. Moretti is upset at Frank who says that the boy was there and then left. But Daniel comes back and there is something suspicious about him. Daniel has brought a used copy of the book, “The Road” for his father’s birthday. Moretti suspects something but shrugs it off.

Abby looks in on Grady’s patient, Helana, a woman who thinks that even organic things are making her sick. The patient refuses x-rays and doesn’t seem serious, but Abby allows Grady to look for a “unifying diagnosis.” Later, the patient deteriorates and Pratt is annoyed.

Heather comes in to the triage area complaining of a headache. It is possible that Sam knocked her down on the El platform. But since she is not a serious a patient as others, she is passed over for quite a while. Sam accidentally sees an internet chat room where Heather is talking, saying that the ER staff has flunked the test as to whether or not is worth sticking around, and she has taken a bottle of valium, dedicated to the idea of committing suicide.

That must prompt Sam to get Heather treatment, and later we see the staff put charcoal into Heather’s stomach via an NG tube. The new attending, Skye, tells Sam she saved Heather’s life, but Sam can’t feel proud, as she too, it seems, missed the diagnosis on this patient. During this, Abby and Pratt are talking, lamenting that they both missed a diagnosis on a patient.

Joshua, Gate’s patient from the ICU, arrives at the hospital with difficulty in breathing. He has pneumonia. Josh knows he is dying but his mother takes some time in accepting this. Eventually, Josh has to be intubated. Gates and Sam argue about the treatment, Sam disagreeing with Gates’ course of action. It is possible that that Gates is allowing Joshua to end his own life and Sam objects. At some point, Gates escorts the hospital chaplain, Julia, into see Serena and an unconscious Joshua. Serena understands that Julia’s presence means Joshua is dying. As Julia comforts Serena, Gates slips out the door. Later, Joshua dies and Gates takes it hard.

Pratt brings Abby a cup of coffee as a peace offering, saying he overreacted over a diagnosis (most likely Helana). Abby says he didn’t, but he continues that the patient did great in the OR. Abby asks, “How do people do this?” and it seems that Pratt interprets her question as about managing interns. He goes off talking about that.

Meanwhile, there is a new attending, a woman, named Skye.

The episode ends on a higher note for Sam as she ignores Gates’ outburst about protocols and makes a little girl smile over stickers.
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14x06 The Test
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